Here Goes Nothing


Over the past year, Daniel and I have taken the time to focus more on our mental and physical health.  We’ve been eating right (paleo deliciousness that Daniel cooks up, yum!), and making sure to get outside and exercise (typically with our dog Katie) whenever possible.  To be fair, this was really brought on in the pre-wedding frenzy when we both wanted to look and feel our best for the big day, but we have worked to maintain it post wedding as well.

One area I have been struggling with is balancing work with all other things.  When you work from home in a field like website design and/or social media management it’s beyond difficult to turn off.  Without getting into all of the details, I have been becoming literally sick from stress for several weeks.  The worst part is that I know stress is the problem, but my personality has never really allowed me to stop and take a break to destress.

It was yesterday when I finally had one of those “ah-ha!” moments about creating this blog.  It seemed like a no-brainer to share what I love with the world and connect with other solopreneurs working from home who also find it hard to shut down at the end of the day.  A great way for me to unwind without stopping my girlboss flow.

I wouldn’t ever consider myself a “fashionista” by any means, however as I was scrolling through my Instagram feed last night it hit me…  I follow a ton of lifestyle/fashion bloggers.  Their content is something I enjoy looking through but I always had this overwhelming feeling of imposter syndrome if I ever tried to blog about my own style.  Until now.

Note: I apologize in advance for the overuse of my wedding photos on this blog #sorrynotsorry



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