I’m With Her

As a twenty-something female living in Cambridge, MA, it probably comes as no great shock that I’m supporting the Democratic Party nominee for President (see stereotypical photo with a campaign magnet on my Subaru – I know, it doesn’t get much more New England than that).  Needless to say, it took some time for me to come around and support Hillary this election post Bernie’s exit.  Since this blog is supposed to be a outlet for me to share my life and thoughts, and this election cycle has been weighing heavy on my mind for months here it goes:

I’m with her because:

  • I was raised to believe that America is a place of hope, change, and progress.  Not pessimism, stagnation, and decline.
  • Everyone should have equal rights no matter their sexual orientation, race, gender, etc.
  • I believe in the importance in Planned Parenthood and all of the services they provide.
  • College should not be the racket it is.  Graduating college should not mean a “debt-sentence”.
  • Gun violence is an epidemic and the NRA is in the pockets and minds of too many politicians in D.C.  This violence needs to end and it needs to end now.
  • Mental health of all citizens needs to be addressed without stigma.  Mental health care should be accessible to all without shame and without barriers.
  • The America I studied in school was alway the “melting pot” open to all who came in, not an America with walls and borders keeping people out.
  • So-called “successful businessmen” have not proven to be successful leaders in government – example: Paul LePage, Governor of Maine.

America has always been the “Land of the Free” but are we ever truly free if we embrace hatred and oppression of so many of our fellow citizens?  I truly believe that the America of hope and change that President Obama campaigned to promote and support is still there, but it will be all but lost if we elect Hillary’s opponent.

No candidate is perfect, but we must stop this path of hatred and oppression in its tracks by getting out to the polls and standing with her.  Abstaining from voting is giving up on the America of hope and change and giving in to the America of pessimism and stagnation.

Non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man.

Mahatma Gandhi



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