I Am Being Boss

Recap the last year (we know it’s not the New Year yet, but that’s okay!). What are all the things you’ve accomplished this year that are totally boss? And what are your intentions for being boss moving forward?

My business has been around for just over a year (one year, three months, and eighteen days…. but who’s counting?!).  I always joke that getting my husband through law school is my first baby, but I realized recently that my real baby is my business.  Like a new parent, it took awhile for me to come to terms with the fact that no new business owner is perfect.  To all of the new business owners out there: You will make mistakes, you will learn from them, and you will move on.  

This blog post writing prompt from my favorite ladies at the Being Boss Podcast has really forced me to stop dwelling on what I haven’t accomplished yet in this 476 days and instead make a list of everything I have done.  So here goes…

  1. I taught myself everything I needed to know – Whether it be designing websites in WordPress, using Canva to grab attention on social media, or making sure my taxes and licenses/fees are filed correctly and on time.  I got it done #likeaboss
  2. I have 4 website design projects under my belt and 3 currently in process.
  3. I have afforded myself the ability to go after my dream clients and steer away from the not-so-dreamy clients.
  4. I’ve created a reputation that I’m proud of.
  5. I’ve spent the year taking better care of myself – eating right and making sure I get outside for a walk every day.

My intentions moving forward are building on what I’ve already done.  I want to focus more on holding myself accountable for the hours I spend working that should be spent resting – setting my work hours and sticking to them, and taking a 1-2 week vacation every year with my husband (even if it’s close by).

This blog was born from the issue of me not regularly taking time to relax since starting my business.  The realization that for me simply saying “I need to relax and destress” did not cue magic fairy dust that suddenly made me close my laptop, shut my phone off, and go to the spa…  As much as I’d love to think that is who I am, it’s not.  I’m someone who needs to share how I’m feeling to unwind and “destress” and if I’ve discovered that writing a blog is what helps me get by (even if it does resemble a lot of the work I do) then #IAmBeingBoss.




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