First Stitch Fix Review

I received my first Stitch Fix today and was so excited to bust open the box!


The postman left my box in the pouring rain…


I opened the box to find two bundles of clothes!!  The first bundle had an anorak jacket that I totally fell in love with right away and I totally don’t need since I already have two… “Market & Spruce – Angelo Cargo Anorak Jacket”


That polka dot lining though…😍

The price was a little steep but after I put it on I knew I couldn’t send it back…  Plus you do get $20 off if you keep at least one item…

The second bundle had the four remaining items in it.  First up was a top “Le Lis – Brinan Mixed Print Knit Top”:


I’m not sure what is going on with this top but the colors are awful, and the polka dot pocket/ hem line just add insult to injury.  I tried it on just to see if maybe I wasn’t giving it a fair chance and it was baggy and totally unflattering.  Danny immediately chimed in saying he hated it… back to Stitch Fix that goes 😞

The next item was a pair of dark red skinny jeans/jeggings “Just Black – Blake Scissor Cut Hem Skinny Jean”:


These I wasn’t too sure about right out of the box, but I tried them on and Danny loved them the most out of everything.  They were really comfortable but I was on the fence…  until I saw the price of $88 😱  To me, pants of this quality (although cute and comfy) are essentially leggings with pockets and should not cost $88.  However, if I had fallen in love with everything in the box and got the 25% discount then I probably would have kept these.

Next up was a black sweater “BRIXON IVY – Darla Lace Asymmetric Hem Sweater”:


This sweater was something I liked in the box but I worried it might not be flattering on.  I was totally wrong! I’m normally not one to wear a lot of black but I fell in love with the fit of this sweater.  It’s really flattering and I love the mixture of textures and the shape of the front with the little lace piece!

Last but not least was a polka dot sweater “41Hawthorn – Gideon Polka Dot Sweater”


Out of the box I really liked this sweater, it was really well made and looked like it would fit well.  Unfortunately, as soon as I tried it on I realized it’s just not a style I would ever wear.  To me it fit very nicely, but would make more sense if I worked in a business casual environment.  It would be perfect over a blouse with slacks/dress pants.  Daniel was not a fan either, so back it goes.


2/5 items kept – Anorak jacket and black sweater.

Overall, I had a really good first Stitch Fix experience.  The clothes are a little more pricey than I normally look to spend, but it’s fun getting a little out of my comfort zone trying some items on I wouldn’t otherwise.  Also, I love how easy it is to just send what I don’t want back.

I’ve already set up my next month’s Stitch Fix (November 19th) and have written a note to my stylist with what I’m looking to add more of in my closet.  We shall see if they follow my note or if they go rogue!

If you’d like to try Stitch Fix feel free to use my referral code:



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