Second Stitch Fix Review

I received my second Stitch Fix today and was so excited to bust open the box!

img_6391 img_6390



I opened the box to find one large bundle of clothes.


I loved the colors and textures of this fix just looking at the bundle!  Very fall 🙂

First up was a plaid tunic “Napean Sea Rd – Felder Belted Tunic”:

img_6388 tunic

There was nothing really wrong with this tunic, it’s just a style I haven’t worn in a few years.  I’m not a fan of wearing belts around my waist, and this tunic wasn’t very flattering on me.  Back to Stitch Fix that goes 😞

The next item was a grey and black sweater “41 Hawthorn – Presley Colorblock Button Back Sweater”:


Back of sweater


This I wasn’t too sure about right out of the box, I tried it on and still didn’t like it.  It was really comfortable, but the material was thin and that colorblock design was not flattering.  Not worth $68.  Back to Stitch Fix that goes 😞

Next up was a blue sweater “RD Style – Angus Split Back Mixed Material Sweater”:



Back of sweater


Front of sweater


This sweater was something I liked in the box but I worried it might not be flattering on.  I was totally wrong! I have way too much navy/blue in my wardrobe but I loved the fit and style of this sweater.  It’s really flattering and I love the mixture of textures on the back.  The length will be nice with leggings too 🙂

Next was a striped top “Pixley – Greenich Striped Knit Top”



Out of the box I really liked this top.  I have seen this exact top in the Stitch Fix unboxing videos I’ve watched on Youtube (yes, I watch videos of people unboxing their Stitch Fix’s on Youtube🙈). The fit is fantastic (I do need to lose a little stomach pudge though) and I love the pleather elbow patch and side details.

Last but not least was a burgundy sweater “Market & Spruce – Cotulla Button Back Sweater”


Front of sweater


Back of sweater


Out of the box I wasn’t sure on the color of this sweater, I like burgundy but the speckles were putting me off.  However, once I tried it on the fit was great (super comfortable) and I love the thickness of the material and the details (elbow patches and the button back).


3/5 items kept – Burgundy sweater, navy split back mixed material sweater, and the red and white striped knit top.

Overall, I had an even better second Stitch Fix experience.  The clothes are still a little more pricey than I normally look to spend, but it’s fun getting a little out of my comfort zone trying some items on I wouldn’t otherwise.  Also, I love how easy it is to just send what I don’t want back.

I’ve already set up my next month’s Stitch Fix (December 17th), excited to see what arrives!

If you’d like to try Stitch Fix feel free to use my referral code:



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