Closet Clean Out With Poshmark

I like to think I’m someone who keeps a pretty clean house.  Everything gets a deep clean at least once-per-week and I don’t let cleaning duties (like dishes) pile up.  The areas that continuously suffer from what I would call “stuff-n-run” chaos are my dresser and closets.  That’s right, I said “closets” – one off the living room and one temporary clothing rack from IKEA in my office.  My name is Sarah and I have a problem with buying clothes.

Okay, so I justify a lot of this clothing chaos by comparing it to other friends of mine who clearly have more, or finding “good deals”.  This doesn’t make the amount I have okay by any means.  The thing is, I love style.  I love being able to express myself and the confidence a new outfit brings.  Working from home, I tend to struggle to change out of my pajamas and/or activewear each day.  Having a few new pieces each season helps me break out of the activewear rut from time to time and reminds me how important the act of getting dressed and ready for the day is for my self esteem.

Still, I try to keep my clothing spending as minimal as possible for pieces that are less staples that will come back around each year/season.  One way I’ve been able to do that is by selling the more trendy items that I no longer use on Poshmark.  Note: Stay tuned for a closet staples post in the near future covering all of the clothing items that I do invest money in.

I’ve used Poshmark for a few years now to clean out my closet every-so-often.  I do donate a lot of items to Goodwill, but whatever I think might sell I try to sell on Poshmark.  The money I make from my sales on Poshmark can go back into my clothing budget, into my savings account, or can be donated to organizations I care about.  Poshmark has been super easy to use!  Mailing my sold items is as easy as printing the label that is emailed to me, going to the local post office for a priority mail envelope (if I don’t have a box), packaging up the item and popping it in the mail.  There is a percentage fee taken by Poshmark depending on the price of the item(s) sold, but for the convenience it’s completely worth it.

If you’d like to give Poshmark a try, go to and sign up with my code “HSEXM”.  You’ll get $5 off your first order if you decide you’d like to expand your closet inventory rather than sell (or along with selling).  Happy Poshing! 🙂


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