Fourth Stitch Fix Review

I received my fourth Stitch Fix today and (per usual) I was so excited to bust open the box!  I still have stylist “Jenna C” and I LOVE her!  My note to my stylist for this fix was that I needed a pair of boyfriend jeans and some options to wear on my Valentine’s dinner date with my husband…


I opened the box to find one one large bundle of clothes…

img_6746  img_6747

Starting from the top of the bundle, first was an extremely soft duster sweater in a beautiful lilac color…


When I saw a sweater in the bundle I have to admit I was a little disappointed…  I’ve purchased several sweaters in previous fix’s so I feel like I really don’t need anymore.  However, this is SO SOFT and really high quality.  It’s a pretty timeless color and style and can be dressed up or down.  Arms are a little long, but so comfy.  This will definitely be a staple throughout the late winter and spring months.

Next up was the Ryland Maxi Dress, my stylist thought this would be a good option for my Valentine’s date coming up…


Sorry, totally not a flattering photo


Out of the box I wasn’t sure about this, I’m not a huge fan of maxi dresses since they make me look even shorter than I already am, and this one hits right at an awkward spot on my stomach that really highlights if I had a huge lunch today 😳 Going to get my husband’s opinion on this one…  I’m torn, but probably leaning towards sending it back.

Next up was another Valentine’s date night dress option… The Skies are Blue Breann Dress in Burgundy

img_6750 img_6751


I wanted to love this dress.  It’s totally my style and the perfect color for Valentines day…  However, it’s just a little awkward and baggy on me.  The elastic waistband falls at a point that is not flattering (similar to the maxi dress).  The back detail is gorgeous but it’s so cold here in New England I probably won’t be at dinner without a sweater or jacket on on 2/14.  Going to run this one by my husband too, just in case he loves it, but it will probably go back.

Next up was the Canby Faux Suede Elbow Patch Knit Top by Market & Spruce


So I feel like my stylist was a little lazy throwing this top into my Fix…  It’s cute and my style, but way overpriced for the material.  It’s super thin and baggy, but the elbow patches are cute.  Very comfy, but I just can’t justify another striped tunic type top in my wardrobe.  This is going back.

Last up was a pair of Adrianne Distressed Boyfriend Jeans



These jeans fit really well, and are very comfortable.  I like the wash (shade of blue), but some of the distressing and the fading (not sure what it’s called) is a little odd/not my taste.  I really do need a pair of everyday boyfriend jeans to replace some old pairs I have from Old Navy that are too big on me now (not in a good way) and one pair that’s a little too distressed (but I still love) from Gap.  Again, going to enlist the husband to make the final call on whether or not I’ll be keeping these.

Here are the items names and prices:

  1. Laju Consuelo Open Duster Cardigan – Brown – $74
  2. Gilli Ryland Maxi Dress – Light Pink – $78
  3. Skies are Blue Breann Dress – Burgundy – $68
  4. Market & Spruce Canby Faux Suede Elbow Patch Knit Top – Off-White – $54
  5. Cosmic Blue Love Adrianne Distressed Boyfriend Jean – Blue – $88

So, since I won’t be keeping everything I won’t get the 25% off the box, just the $20 credit for my styling fee.  A little bit of a bummer, but it’s looking like I probably keep the duster cardigan and the jeans totaling $142 (with $20 credit).

I love that my stylist talked about my Pinterest Style Board in her note 😊  Now on to figuring out what I need to request next month!

If you’d like to try Stitch Fix feel free to use my referral code:


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