Sarah is the 20-something behind this lifestyle blog.

Born and raised in Maine, Sarah moved to Sacramento, CA with her boyfriend Daniel (now husband) after graduating college.  She loved California and how she was able to experiment a little more with her personal style (hello gorgeous weather all the time!).

After two years in sunny California, they packed up their cars and moved back to the East Coast to Cambridge, MA where Daniel would start law school and Sarah would start her own website design business.  Oh, and plan their August 2016 wedding… no big deal.

Needless to say it’s been a whirlwind these last few years!  Sarah is now married to Daniel (her high school sweetheart) and they live in Inman Square with their rescue dog Katie (corgi + labrador +pitbull mix = corgidorable) and cat Piper (a whole bunch of love and sass with a touch of Maine Coon).

This blog is part Sarah’s style, part life as a law school student’s wife, part New England adventures (mostly dog-friendly), part Daniel’s take on paleo (well, mostly) recipes, and part musings of a girlboss who would otherwise have one-sided conversations with her dog.  Enjoy!